Thursday, September 07, 2006

Idle speculation

this was originally written before McDowell was coronated.

Folks it is the end of the government. Bertie signalled as much as did Harney when both referred to the need for 'stable government'.

The PD elect a new leader and Bertie views the current program for government as being at an end and requiring renegotiation and McDowell or whover bails pulls out of government.

FF run on a election campaign of it has be us and Labour, and it would suit the PDs to be running against that option, they retain enough seats to be taken seriously and regrow some strength in opposition. At least that is the strategy as Harney and Ahern see it.

From the TV, Fiona wants McDowell as leader, Minihan doesn't, Parlon suggest he wants McDowell but that is in order that McDowell presides over a loss of seats and Parlon can then take over after the election. Harney, I believe also wants McDowell mainly as it allows him to get the blame for the election result.